Mobile Graffiti Yard

The Mobile Graffiti Yard is a modular wall system that can be easily constructed at various locations to create a ‘pop-up’ Graffiti Yard and/or a large scale canvas for live painting, murals, and performing arts exhibitions. These 4′ x 8′ steel framed panels fit together to create an infinitely expandable wall. The project launched in 2018 as a pop-up art exhibition and educational tool.  The Mobile Graffiti Yard has the ability to expand within its original location, or grow into multiple exhibits running simultaneously. The project may also transition into a permanent, interactive art installation. The long term goal will be to have lots of legal graffiti venues in the future.  The Mobile Graffiti Yard is an opportunity help us in our mission to provide safe, legal venues for underserved communities to create, share, and enjoy graffiti art.



Mobile Graffiti Yard featured at Machine Art Studio’s Big Postal Show 2. The studio created a giant replica of the discontinued labels referred to by artists as “Blue Tops”. Attendees were invited to sign the interactive exhibit during this free event.


Three panels of The Mobile Graffiti Yard were used for live painting from the CUTS Crew during this free concert at Brouwerij West.

K-TOWN WALLS-July 14, 2018
The Mobile Graffiti Yard was utilized for this Year’s K-Town Wallz event.  There were over 50 artists at this year’s Alley Gallery, a free live painting event presented by K-Town Wallz.  Members of the community walked through a live gallery, featuring artists from near and far.

PVAC Arts on the Hill-August 4, 2018

Volunteer artist, CAB K2S, joined members of the CUTS Crew for a day of live painting to celebrate the arts.

San Pedro’s Day of the Dead Festival-October 28, 2018

Volunteer artists from the Los Angeles area gathered in San Pedro for the annual Día de los Muertos festival.  Thousands of participants were gathered to celebrate the Day of the Dead for this free community event.  Artists painted Dia-themed artwork on all 10 panels of the Mobile Graffiti Yard.

Designercon 2018-November 18, 2018

Not Real Art and Man One utilized the Yard at 2018 Designer Con.  Thousands of participants were able to view live painting by Man One on one side of the booth.  The other side of the Yard was used as an interactive exhibit by Not Real Art.  Hundreds of participants added their artwork using markers, paint, and cards provided by Not Real Art.

The Mobile Graffiti Yard prototype has been made possible by a partnership between Community Art Machine and Palos Verdes Art Center.